A Strip Center

We are the cleaning and surface preparation experts

Vehicles/Classic Cars

Paint and primer preparation, steel repair, bodywork preparation

Specialty Projects

Media blasting for concrete, acrylic plastic, glass, and wood.


Media blasting for graffiti, steel, gates, and paint coatings.


The best residential sand and media blasting in Los Vegas.

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Award Winning Media Blasting

We are the cleaning and surface preparation experts. 

Our blast booth is capable of handling a variety of autos, auto parts, trucks, recration vehicles, large equipment, steel, aluminum, gaming machines, baker’s racks, ornamental iron, furniture etc. We also have blast cabinets capable of all your smaller part needs and a mobile operation.

We specialize in media blasting with various types of abrasives. We are able to remove paint, grease, coatings and just about anything else using plastic and glass bead media.

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